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Gospel Today magazine pulled from Christian bookstores’ shelves
News, Culture, Society
Written by holmegm   
Wednesday, 24 September 2008 08:53

From The Atlanta Journal and Constitution:

Smiling women on the cover of a slick magazine. Sold from under the counter. Must request it from store clerk.

That’s not something a buyer would typically find in a Christian bookstore. Not unless it’s one of the more than 100 Lifeway Christian Bookstores across the United States, including about six in metro Atlanta.

Gospel Today, the Fayetteville-published magazine, was pulled off the racks by the bookstores’ owner, the Southern Baptist Convention. The problem? The five smiling women on the cover are women of the cloth — church pastors.


Arkansas official: Children seized were in danger
News, Culture, Society
Written by holmegm   
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 13:42

From the Associated Press:
A state official says six girls removed from an evangelical compound over the weekend were taken into custody because they were in immediate danger.

"We did make the decision to remove the children that we felt were in harm's way or in imminent danger," said Arkansas Department of Human Services spokeswoman Julie Munsell.

Investigators have been interviewing the children from the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries complex, which was raided Saturday by state and federal agents looking for evidence that children were molested.

Amish turn to solar power
News, Culture, Society
Written by shamrockshake   
Sunday, 21 September 2008 15:53

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Despite their reclusion from the modern world, the plain-living Amish are leading the way when it comes to embracing solar energy.

On rural back roads where plain-clothed Amish still drive their horse-drawn buggies, small black-and-purple panels have sprung up on barns and houses. They twinkle in the sun, charging batteries that once got their power from diesel generators or gas-powered machines.

Science lessons should tackle creationism and ID
Science, Etc.
Written by laika   
Sunday, 21 September 2008 00:49

Prof Michael Reiss, director of education, Royal Society, at The Guardian Science Blog:

Teachers need to accommodate the differing world views of students from Jewish, Christian or Muslim backgrounds – which means openly discussing creationism and intelligent design as alternatives to evolutionary theory.

What should science teachers do when faced with students who are creationists? Definitions of creationism vary, but about 10% of people in the UK believe that the Earth is only some 10,000 years old, that it came into existence as described in the early parts of the Bible or the Qur'an and that the most evolution has done is to split species into closely related species.

Episcopal Church Defrocks Dissident Bishop
Written by metallurge   
Friday, 19 September 2008 08:48

Michael Conlon, Religion Writer with Reuters, reports:

Leaders of the U.S. Episcopal Church voted on Thursday to defrock a bishop [Bishop Robert Duncan, head of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania] who has been a leader among dissidents opposed to the ascendancy of gays in the church and a critic of other issues involving liberal scriptural interpretation.

Over the years Duncan has been a leading orthodox dissident and an organizer of those who have been at odds with the U.S. church since 2003 when the Episcopal Church consecrated Gene Robinson of New Hampshire as the first bishop in more than four centuries of church history known to be in an openly gay relationship.

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, head of the U.S. branch of the 77-million-member worldwide Anglican church, said the bishops had concluded that Duncan's actions constituted an "abandonment of the communion of this church" and that "he should be deposed."


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