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Brian McLaren's five year moratorium is up this Sunday
Written by holmegm   
Monday, 24 January 2011 14:56

Open Letter to Brian McLaren:

Well, I'm writing to you because I was checking the calendar this month and I noticed that 23 Jan 2011 was just around the corner -- in fact, it's this Sunday. Now, for me personally, that's when the reminder for my mother's birthday pops up, but the reason it came up on my Outlook was that it turns out that this Sunday will be the expiration of a 5-year moratorium you put into motion back in 2006.

holmegm   |2011-01-25 09:20:30
So now that his moratorium is coming to a close, I wonder if we will hear any definitive exegetical work from him on this topic ...
laika   |2011-01-25 23:54:11
Please don't hold your breath, holmey!

Brian McLaren wrote:
Then in five years, if we have clarity, we'll speak; if not, we'll set another five years for ongoing reflection.

Brian McLaren wrote:
After all, many important issues in church history took centuries to figure out.

Despite some of the exaggerated arguments I've made here on the topic, I sincerely sympathize with his conflict, but like it or no, there's nothing to figure out, is there? As far as church history is concerned, this is an issue of his own invention.
PineHall  - Harsh   |2011-01-26 23:10:40
I don't like open letters like this where the author seems to be in attack mode. I see it as mostly laying down the law and building a position to attack from. Was the purpose of the letter reconciliation and restoration? It ends sort of that way but I don't think it really was a sincere effort. I wonder, what is the best way to restore a big name person, like Brian McLaren?

PS Where does Brian McLaren stand? Does he need repentance and restoration?
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